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FatGod Rahdy



Rahdale S. Boykin was born in Saint Louis, Missouri on March 4, 1991.  The youngest of his four brothers. His father, the late Sherman Boykin was A TV director who was a known bully in his younger years and his mother Margie a saint and avid church member.  His first name was given to him by his mother in honor of His older brother Jermaine. He grew up in the lower middle class originally from Ferguson Rahdale moved to Hathaway Manor South in 2001. In the late 90's to the early 2000's , Rahdy witnessed the formation of gangs and drug use and saw his peers  pressure other kids into a crime lifestyle only to look cool until eventually they needed those tactics to survive. Even though the generation before moved to the counties to escape the harsh livings of the inner city the gang and drug culture continued to follow the black community who desperately  searched for refuge on the outside of town.
 Rahdy is a member of Dime Blocc Crip but asserts himself as that is above beef with members from other Gangs and believes that with the help of all local street gangs,  politicians, and the community his neighborhood can be the model Utopia for black America. Rahdale went to Riverview and Hazelwood school districts in north county and admits to being a little nerdy in school.



The Biggest Lie Ever


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